Update: Rogers does it again!

After the media got a hold of it. The Mighty Ted Rogers realizing the client would not go away into that gentle goodnight and pay $12,000 — sorry, it was up to $14,000 acrued to the interest charges while the matter got resolved– AND allowed a mockery to be made of his cellular business has publicly announced the fee will be waived. *Poof,* just like that, like a magician would a quarter.

Oh, no. Ted now in full safe-face mode went a step further and asked her for tea and maybe a few crumpets, you know, to round it all off. TEA? After the fact that Rogers was about had denied all responsability and state that they would sue her? Under the grounds that she was responsible because someone broke into her home and stole her cell phone while on a trip abroad? Thank you Rogers for your samaritan bout of common sense. To bad it had to be preluded by the possibilty of loosing countless thousands in bad PR. Bruck.

On the same note, I would like to see, once the true story is out, for Bush to have some hot mocha with the thousand of Iraq people that had their homes bombed back to the stone age. Since he can’t have a drink with the thousands who died in his little feud for cheaper oil, but which true numbers have yet to be revealed to the American people.

Oh well, guess that will go on my wish list.

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