Lanthos: A Poetry Collection

Lanthos: A Poetry CollectionHave to admit, have been quite busy with side projects in the last 2 months! So I will just jump into it and without any further ado, I would like to share with the world my entire poetry collection! 

‘You wrote poetry?!’ You may ask. Yes, indeed, I did. For many years before I switched over to writing, and painting, and photography. Quite funny actually. 

From over 64 or so I wrote that I thought were good enough to share over the years, 22 have been lost to time and although I am quite sadden by this, I am prompted to put them out there. Of course I do not think to ever make a cent out of doing this. However, one never knows, perhaps someone who goes through them might feel a sense of comradeship as I would like to think that over time we all come to realize we all carry a bit of the same artistic energy inside all of us. It is just a matter of doing it.  

Named after an island seen in a dream over 16 years ago, here you have a collection of 41 poems written over three quite distinct & colourful life epochs. The ‘Pink,’ ‘Blue’ and ‘English’ periods encompassed over 16 years of experience and both display a changing and (hopefully) growing perspective of a teenager who grew to man who was curious about what he could do through the medium of Poetry.

Share my journey as I once mostly saw the the world from a romantic, candle-lit prism, to now, perhaps a more cynical, wared soul. Lanthos: A Poetry Collection      

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