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Tomorrow will be my first real photo-shoot after my car-hit-my-bike-then-fell-on-my-bike accident and I am excited. It will be a portrait shot for a professional violinist who wants to update her portfolio

Now regarding my broken leg, I am certain to attest, last time I fractured my leg, it did not take two months for the darn thing to heal. By now, a decade ago, I would sure be getting ready to walk across town to hunt down my brunch on a crisp Fall morning. Instead, I am heading down to the pool downstairs for my daily physiotherapy.

Sigh… three more weeks to go for ultimum health. Patience…

In the mid-time I am updating my Facebook fan page which I neglected a bit due to not having new photos to put since I have been homebound. Even though I have kept myself busy in other way, it is good to get the proverbial lens refocusing back into what matters.

On a positive note, I think I need the break. Obvious pun, not intended. So I am proudly presenting my new page, so by all means feel free to take a look, check the photography and, if you don’t mind, don’t forget to ‘like’ it!.

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  1. lebenshilfe1 says:

    Excellent Work! Love it!

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