Projects & Initiatives

Mauricio Alas LogoVisit the blog, where ideas are currently marinating and that started it all! Going back over a decade! Lots of things have happened since I started writing! From insightful commentary, cynical perspective to demented dribble. Its got it all! Usually the latter. Read articles where I write about Toronto, my home city on Spotted By Locals, to the recent paint and photography craze. The blog is the place to keep up to date with current adventures, projects and news.


Welcome to the Latin Quarter is a community, come out and socialize with over 2,000+ members through socially conscious events all over Guelph. From club events to book reviews & from brunches to indoor rock climbing we like to try everything! Trips, go-carting and even volunteering. Mingle in a safe, pressure free environment, try new venues and expand your circle of friends. Funds that are raised help a multitude of local and global initiatives! Get involved today!

Toronto Spanish Club

Speak Spanish To Me!Hola! With over 2400+ members we are Toronto’s largest peer-to-peer Spanish language group! Taken classes and finding you are forgetting what you learned? For six years, our motto has been ‘if you don’t use it, you lose it,’ and this holds true, specially for languages. For 16 years and now, thousands of members and hundreds of events later, we are still as vibrant as on our first event.

Join us! We meet every Thursday to not only practice & motivate ahead but also to share and make new friends who share your passion for what is arguably the most Romantic of Latin based languages.

Photography Portfolio

The Arches Of SevilleMy photography portfolio can be found here.  It includes some interesting and eye-catching slices of life both home and abroad. Please, feel free to visit,  browse and comment or simple browse through the slide show. For now, the site is still in developing but quite polished so feel free to take a look. For kick I also have set up a carbon copy gallery at flickr here.

Alternatively if you are the type that just can’t wait then feel free to check my local photography showcase on my site, here!

Toronto’s 25-40 Social Club

Since 2006, TO25-40 has existed as a side project of Toronto Friends! the Toronto 25-40 Social Club is a group hosted through for people who would like to meet Torontonians who may fall into their own specific age group and life experience. As a group, we are respectful to one another as we venture out our cosmopolitan city. From dinning to nights out in the town, come out and socialize with a group of over 900 professionals. Please note, this is not a meat market, our focus is to explore the city while building new friendships.

Lanthos: A Poetry Collection (Coming soonish)

Named after a lush island I once found in a dream, I share with you my collection of 41 poems. Written from when I was 16 years old, since, like most kids of that age, I began writing poetry, thinking of course that I would be one of few; however I did not really take it seriously until my mid-20’s when I actually began keeping copies of the works. So from love, lust, angst, insightful word play and life observations, I hope you enjoy reading some of them as much I have enjoyed writing them for the last 18 years.