Toronto Spanish Club



Do you think it is time to learn a new language? Need a place to practice and have it come alive? We certainly think so!

Welcome to the Toronto Spanish Club! For 10 years and counting, we are Toronto’s longest running Spanish Peer-Speaking Group in Toronto! How do we do it? We believe the best way to learn a keep a language is through immersion so our Rule #1, during our events only Spanish is spoken! SI, es verdad!

Come out and meet other like-minded individuals as we learn, practice the beautiful language that is Spanish! Along the way you will mingle and meet new friends, both native speakers and others like you who have challenged themselves and are expand their horizons. Not too shabby?

Please keep in mind however, we are a language group, not a language class and that a beginner-intermediate levels is where members being to feel the greatest benefit. If you need one-on-one tutoring, simple approach me at the end of the event for further details.

600_365434642These days we are running events on a weekly basis, so if you can’t make it this week, be sure to know there will be another one next week! Just remember, we are all adults here and some consideration and courtesy goes a long way regarding your RSVP! Get ready, bring your dictionaries if you wish –some do– and lets speak some Spanish!

600_431403754Check out our website and join us! We use for our infrastructure and we have kept everything out and in the open! Check our “about” or better yet, our photography section to get a glimpse. If you have any questions, send us an email.

Join today y los veo a todos pronto!