Update: Martini’s at Insomnia (I am back)

It was fun. But getting right to the point, how many showed up? Physically about 12.
But the funny thing is that our reservation got moved, so there is chance people might have showed up, gone right to the back of the place (where our location was supposed to be but was not), and then left. For example there were these two girl that came and sat on the bar, chilled for about two hours and finally approached us and ask: Are you part of the social group?
Well, yes. so they joined us. The fact is that I am still wondering how many people might have showed up. Mmm, the mind wonders.

Well, I guess I will find out soon enough whe people start emailing me. But as I said before, I surprised the manager since twenty people did not show. Ah, being an organizer can be such a variable.


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