Trapped! by The Torontonian
Trapped! a photo by Mauricio Alas.

While playing a support role at a wedding. As I too was part of the wedding and a full-time photographer had been hired to the bulk of the work, I nevertheless decided to linger around and get a few good shots.

Lacking an external flash, I was challenged by the poor lighting since escalating to a higher ISO is always ill-advised when you want your captures to stay as crisp as possible.

Luckily, at one end of the hall a set of track lights and a shiny hardwood floor helped to reflect some extra lighting.

So as the party dissipated, the bride was asked to assume some poses for me and a few of the guests with cameras. Side by side, family stood near providing ideas which inspired me to take this particular capture. Along with the bride’s facial expression, her eyes portray subjugation with a hint of coyness. Add to this her white dress contrasting the two faceless figures standing ominously at both sides, one cannot escape a mounting sense of claustrophobia. While never forgetting that she, ironically, just tied the knot.

Taken with a Nikon D700, 50mm, ISO 6400, 1/640







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