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Just Chillin’

One of the strange things about loving photography is that you feel naked going anywhere without a camera. As you just never know what mundane thing will present itself in front of your lenses that might be worth catching.

This capture was taken while one my good friends Dmitry took me to his friend’s apartment to walk her dog. He quite the good friend, isn’t he?

I enjoy this shot for it’s natural and relaxed composition, I like that ‘Saturday Afternoon vibe,’ what do you think? You would think I had them pose this way for me when it fact it was just to relaxed creatures lazing around. How convenient, no?

This shot was taken with a D700, with 17-35mm lenses at f4.5 and 28mm. Monochromed during the work-flow process.


¡Sí! by The Torontonian
¡Sí! a photo by Mauricio Alas.

For 5 years, I have been running Toronto’s largest and longest running Spanish Speaking Group: Speak Spanish To Me. It has been a great adventure and I have meet literally thousands of people as they come and go on their journey to expand their horizons and learn a new language. A wonderful and romantic language, if I may add. 😛

Always in a friendly and relaxed environment, the group has grown for a few members to over 1300+! I cannot deny that I am proud to run and host such a successful endeavour. And to help socialize and mingle with like minded individuals.

I can also say I have meet a lot of kind and wonderful people. A few of who I can now be lucky to call friends.

Also, we have had many, many silly situations where we have, in a moment of comradeship teased the heck out of each other. Like this moment for example, Roger, one our regular members decides to show us the true ‘proper’ way to advertise our group to the masses. Ha.

Thanks Roger.

This shot was taken with a D700 with a 50mm lenses. I am sure pretty high ISO. 😛