A Storm Is A Comin’

As you know, weather has been peculiar interesting in Toronto this Summer. With intense, dramatic thunderstorms the like we are more likely to see in movies than in our fair, humble metropolis. Personally, these news make me very happy, for you see, although you will get drenched from head to toe, storms, like many other meteorological instances are but the playground of photographers. What better way to dramatically capture mother nature in what she does best?

Earlier in the Summer, in the first of one of these major storms, I worked my way to the 28th floor in my building to capture this omnious storm front approaching. It was magnificent. To feel the wind pressure change against you, the droplets hitting hard on your skin, the cacophany of thunder and the overwhelming, humbling feeling that in the end, we are at the mercy of nature. Better than any Wonderland ride I have even been to.

This photo was captured with a Nikon 700D, 17-35 at f4. Near Yonge and Bloor, downtown Toronto.

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