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  • Update: Martini’s at Insomnia

    You know, the one thing that ticks me off about being the organizer of 300+ people social group? …Is that you never know for sure how many will end up dropping by. Don’t get me wrong, I love the gig and meet new people constantly and so far everyone who I have met has […]

  • Adventure in a Spanish speaking group.

    This is a short editorial piece I wrote, which can be found on their website here. In this day and age of the Internet, finding individuals who you share common interests with is as easy as doing a simple Google search. It does not, however, take away the uncertainties of finding yourself face-to-face with an […]

  • Mauricio’s Mercenary Report:

    “Why do I care so much about getting your money? Because I am a multi-billion dollar bank owner!” Many of you may have seen – whether you like it or not – WestJet’s new “Why do we care so much? Because we are also WestJet owners” advertising campaign. Has anyone given some real thought at […]

  • The Night I Lost My One Eyed Cat

    First of all, bear with me while I get to it: For quite a while now, I had been thinking of getting a new cat. Have moved from place to place throughout the years yet it never seemed like the ‘right’ time. At first I blamed it on the location: No cats allowed, place too […]