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Projecto Italia: A Photography Reception

Projecto Italia: A Photography Reception

One of the most interesting, rewarding things an artist can ever do is to display his or her work. Of course, nothing but I mean nothing will ever take away from the cheer act of creating. It is after all the very drive of creating what makes us do what we do.

Venezia Rose

However being able to share the fruits of our labour with others, with the world can and should be an enjoyable, humbling and educational experience. This is the very reason why I wanted to have another opportunity to do so… and to serve as an excuse to meet friends, family and new faces alike. Who am I to say ‘no’ to a welcoming excuse for a toast?

Projecto Italia is a photography collection driven by a love of Italian architecture, its history and unique panoramas. A modern country still strongly rooted in an old world cradle that are it’s buildings, towns, monuments and values. I was inspired to go there, as it happens sometimes in life, by the dreams of someone else. After hearing her stories and being swept by her passionate enthusiasm, I felt compelled to travel 7000 kilometres and attempt to capture some of those very moments through my lenses. It was a great experience.


From the symmetry of the spiral stairs of the Vatican, immense tombs in Florence or the nostalgic canals of Venice, please join me at Insomnia Lounge for Projecto Italia: A Photography Reception. Select pieces from Project Italia will be on display at the front lounge on Wednesday, 7:30pm, July 24th, 2013.

Hope to see you there!

Dear TTC: Bus Stops. You Are Doing It Wrong

Dear TTC: Bus Stops. You Are Doing It Wrong

MOBILE EYE: Our Toronto Transit Commission At Work!!

Taken on Sunday, May 5th. Bay and King Street. A bus, while trying to make a very wrong turn ended up getting stuck and holding up traffic. We never found the mysterious reason for the attempt. Only that it blocked traffic in both directions for about 10 minutes.

Yelp's Oyster Night™

Yelp’s Oyster Night™

I have been a Yelp Elite for about 3 years and unlike Facebook and Twitter,  where most of people’s updates go straight into the ether where they disappear without any major payoff, being part of this social epicurean network will certainly be a breath of fresh air.  I am not undermining the power of Social Media, au contraire, it as proven to be extremely useful when used intelligently. Coca-Cola, Dove, Old Spice and countless DJs use it daily with great gains in relevance. However for most users out there, posting endless cat/dog/hamster pictures along posters highlighting a grade 6th English, vacuous pseudo-spiritual quote only comes at the price of them being thought as egomaniacs in waiting.

In case you may not know, Yelp tries to changes the game a bit by using crowd sourcing’s power for good and not to annoy. Users write reviews of restaurants they have visited writing down reviews of their experiences to highlight or to warn future foodies. Can this site be exploited? Sure. Like any other site, however users are encouraged to post their real (abbreviated) names along portrait photos to identify themselves to others. Like on many sites, recognition and a good reputation are very strong motivators to keeping the site useful.

PLUS, the delicious events “Elite Members” –those who express an above average dedication to the site, are invited on an almost monthly basis. These are only limited by the city’s community manager’s creativity and budget and vary from pizza nights to burgers to full-fledged whole pig on pit! There are also plenty of vegetarian options for those who are wondering… and either way the wine and beer, always flows freely: both figuratively and refreshingly literally.

So what was the most recent event? Oysters @ Samuel J Moore, a new, classic looking restaurant that I would have never known about if it was not for this event.

Oh, a night of Village Bay oysters, sparkling and white wine, great conversation and an opportunity to meet new people! It was really a good experience and unlike Facebook and Twitter which tend to be mostly inclusive to your own friends or strangers you are likely not to ever met, Yelp helps locals to meet like-minded foodies face to face who are specifically not in your circle of friends. All while, thanks to your reviews, actually helping others eat better. A win/win.

Kudos to all at Yelp.




Legs, Schools & Other Broken Things (Part I)

Legs, Schools & Other Broken Things (Part I)

BonesAfter months of absence… many, many months… finally, my first post of 2013. There is no real excuse, although in my defense… there were a lot of ups and downs and a major website resign which I can proudly say that I am proud of, although it took me a while to do.

The truth is we all become fractured. At one point in our lives we lose focus. In some cases it is allegorical, in other like in mine, it was a little more literal.

It all began more or less around a broken leg that occurred way back in late 2011. Long time ago… As it is no surprise, it is normally in moments of strife where one tends to find out who our real friends are and who can, wants or will stick around when you can’t walk due to a fractured fibula.

Not to say that I did not need a kick in the arse to get me to change some bad habits I had developed. Nothing better than a meta moment of despair to get to you to think about where your long-term goals lie and who you would like to spend those years with and how.

Also, I have to say, you will be really surprised just how you and I, how most of us take walking for granted. Not just for a few days but for weeks or what-the-heck, maybe a month and change. How ridiculously limiting it is. A little scary too, as you stare at the walls of limitations that suddenly rise up just in front of you. Like going down a long flight of stairs without tripping and breaking the other leg, or your neck, whichever comes first. You know, everyday stuff.

Cast-offIt was not all that bad. I knew that it was only a matter of time before I was back on my feet. I was in a relationship in which things needed to change, from both sides to say the least. Went back to school to study to get me some Marketing Management which I think I have always been keen on and in the end and more importantly, got sometime to think things through. About the mistakes I had made, the dire need to move forward and cast off all my wrongdoings, although it is never as easy as a cast removal. Nope. Takes time but it is something we all have to do and you not going to find the answer in a $23.99 copy of the Law Attraction. We are talking some serious introspective-seeking here.

These days, I have had the chance to do what I enjoy for a living with more coming down the pipe! Although as we all know, change is the one constant in life. I will be 36 this year and there are some places I would like to at  before my 40’s — life flies, man.

Will be going to Thailand and Cambodia this year for both fun and photography and I look forward to make those people around me happier than when I first meet them. That’s a good thing to strife for, I think. Alright, let’s get cracking! Just not bones.