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Looking Up The Vatican Spiral

As part of my ongoing photography work, this capture, was taken at the entrance to The Vatican Museums. The Spiral staircase or Double Helix as it is sometimes referred to, is arguably one of the top 10 most know in the world and one of the most photographed. As such, like in anything else, capturing this beautiful piece designed by Giuseppe Momo required skill and the right timing.

Luckily, the random group of tourists photographing at the bottom while the staircase was (surprisingly) empty during my composing added a sense of exclusivity which is rare to achieve in a building always teeming with people. Specially as the Vatican is extremely conservative and protective about providing permits to shoot any of their assets. Particularly their art. I do not blame them, as it is a way to protect what they own and also a source of income.

As far as the photo itself, it was shot with Nikon D700 with a 17-35mm lenses. Handheld as again, due to traffic, the use of tripods is forbidden. This shot was taken minutes after they opened their doors to the public.

Mad Man With A Camera: ‘Tis Rainin’ Drops

Sometimes, a shot, an idea comes to you just like that. Something occurs in front of your lenses, simply screaming to be captured. Will it come out right? Will it blow your mind once you see it on print? Many times, you already know even before you press the shutter.

However there are always subtle moments happening all around us. Muted and simple. Not fast nor intense. Not high-speed nor self-indulgent. They are just there. Like these simple drops falling on a random car’s windshield during a heavy rain. They are just there, Rainin’

Mad Man With A Camera: Whirlpool!

Whirpool! by The Torontonian
Whirpool! a photo by Mauricio Alas.

A few weeks ago, I decided to try something new. To begin a Photography Collection where I try to experiment both creatively outside of the scope of the camera, while at the same capturing that same ‘Eureka’ moment through my lenses. Thus expanding, exploring and dare I say it, hitting two different venues with one proverbial stone. So without further ado, my first photo of this collection: Whirpool!

Lanthos: A Poetry Collection

Lanthos: A Poetry CollectionHave to admit, have been quite busy with side projects in the last 2 months! So I will just jump into it and without any further ado, I would like to share with the world my entire poetry collection! 

‘You wrote poetry?!’ You may ask. Yes, indeed, I did. For many years before I switched over to writing, and painting, and photography. Quite funny actually. 

From over 64 or so I wrote that I thought were good enough to share over the years, 22 have been lost to time and although I am quite sadden by this, I am prompted to put them out there. Of course I do not think to ever make a cent out of doing this. However, one never knows, perhaps someone who goes through them might feel a sense of comradeship as I would like to think that over time we all come to realize we all carry a bit of the same artistic energy inside all of us. It is just a matter of doing it.  

Named after an island seen in a dream over 16 years ago, here you have a collection of 41 poems written over three quite distinct & colourful life epochs. The ‘Pink,’ ‘Blue’ and ‘English’ periods encompassed over 16 years of experience and both display a changing and (hopefully) growing perspective of a teenager who grew to man who was curious about what he could do through the medium of Poetry.

Share my journey as I once mostly saw the the world from a romantic, candle-lit prism, to now, perhaps a more cynical, wared soul. Lanthos: A Poetry Collection