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  • STUDY REVEALS: Nerds Get Laid More In Adulthood Than Any Other High School Clique.

    Chicago – A new study spear-headed by the Sigma Xi Scientific Research Society released its results last week after two years of statistic and physiologic data collecting. Its results were of no surprise to the scientists involved, or anyone with an IQ higher than 138 points. ‘We found that on average, an IQ of 138 […]

  • NewsBrief Part XI: Harvard Student Plays Russian Roulette with Semi-Automatic. Dies.

    BOSTON – It was a shock to both faculty and the student body when a suspected murder case on campus was discovered to be nothing more than the self terminating, fool-hardly attempts of a law school undergraduate Michael Sanders out to prove he was still the ‘big man on campus.’ According to witnesses, on Saturday […]

  • Blogs, Blogs, Blogs, Blogs: Blogs!

    Just in case you are wondering, I can almost feel the strangle-hold of irony chocking me as I write this. You see, about two years ago I had an interesting conversation about the ‘Year of the Blog.’ My friend and I spoke about ease of accessibility and amazing technology penetration in North America. After a […]

  • Gliese 581C, Or “The Bible IS Wrong Planet!”

    The big news in astronomy last week was the discovery of a ‘New Earth’ or as scientist call it Gliese 581 C, proving again why these gentlemen went into astronomy instead of creative writing. Indeed, the new planet or exo-planet if you will, was found in, wait for it, the Gliese 581 C system and […]