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Diffusion 3: You May Live to See Man-Made Horrors Beyond Your Comprehension

I do not dislike AI. Yet, we should not be blind of the fact of the general degradation of a number of current models, both in LLMs and in image generation. We seem to be following the peculiar trend that as researchers attempt to engineer and re-engineer better representations of humanlike agents, the more hypocritical, confused or outright unstable they are becoming. No one ever said performing lobotomies on AIs was a perfect science.

Case in point? The newly released Stable Diffusion 3. It is being heavily ridiculed, and why? Well, upon given commands to create a Human image, there is a non-trivial chance you will be presented with an outright deformed monstrosity. Give it is try!

Examples of which I simply could not post here for fear of getting this very post banned due to it being highly inappropriate on this site, however tamer examples can be found on this link. All resembling a creature more keenly found in a 70’s or 80’s horror movie. The leading cause seems to be Censorship.

You may remember the case where Google’s AI created images of Black and Asian people in Nazi uniform when prompted for pictures of Historical Nazis, thanks to the developer’s obsession with diversity and inclusion. Including photos of Black American, Indigenous people wearing an eagle feather crown headdress. As such, in our strangely paradoxical-leaning puritan society, “good” Censorship and shareholder value, have become an undercurrent that has permeated into everything, from language, general interactions to AI models. The reality is that when censorship happens to a society at this scale, we all lose.

In an attempt to train their IA, so as to not create the possibility of NSFW content, data sets, in this case of Human Anatomy, offensive or not, were filtered out from its training, hampering it. Who knew you need Human models in order to create Human images?

Apparently, the AI came to the conclusion that anything humanoid was NSFW. So, logically, deformed horrifying monsters beyond Human comprehension are now humans, too. At least to Stable Diffusion’ s latest product.