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So, here I am. In the the middle of the night. Typing away, basically the first entry of this experiment I have been thinking of doing for quite sometime. I am not expecting much, you see, I have never been a big believer of this thing called blogging. But hell, we all have a few stories to tell, a few jokes to share, a few pics to post.

Oh, and where are my manners? I have not even introduced myself. My name is Mauricio, a resident of downtown Toronto and I will be your host in this blog. I have lived in this mighty — although some would dare call it drab — city for about 15 years. IF anything the one thing I would not call this city is boring. There is simply too much happening for anyone to dare name it as such. Perhaps it is only my adventures but I am not leaning on it. I think boredom is the word people who do not have too many interests use to call their lives. I mean you can only watch “must see TV” only so many times before you can getting depressed about your existance, doesn’t matter how many times you switch channels. Right?

I currently work for a major ‘Financial Institution,’ the capitals are used because they consider themselves very big and for the most part they are, however, they are horrible to work for. I mean, no one ever really works for a major corporation unless they are looking for a stable job. But most stable jobs tend to be just that: Stable. Which is just a romantic way of saying boring. Just like the word ‘Royalty’ is historically only a romantic word which translates to ‘Incest.’
But hey, who am I to say the truth?
Stability should be a passing thing. Something that we crave, but not fully want always to be.
Guess that is one of the best thing I have learned in my tenure in a multinational corporation.
Kind of discouraging after all those years of university doesn’t it?

So, what is this blog for you ask? Well, that is part of the experiment, now you would not want me to well, state everything on my very first blog. Now do you? Taking into consideration that it is totally fine by me if you decide not to return. However if you do, I am sure you will have as much fun reading it as I am writing it.

From the Torontonian,
Good night for now,


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