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A Bruck-Zen Moment II

Stage: College subway station about a block from my place, catching up with a friend while she waited for a Streetcar. I had not seen in her for a few months but I had just given her my still valid TTC day pass.

‘…And that’s what the note said in the book I went to pick up today… I thought it peculiar.’
(Read: ‘A bishop, a belcher and Stevie’ in the December archives)
She looked blankly at me for a few seconds.
‘You know, you are weird.’
‘Huh? What did you say?’
‘You are weird Mauricio.’
‘…Because I told you about what happened to me with the book?’
She then proceeded to tap me lightly on my chest.
‘Thank you for not dating me.’
‘Huh?’ (She had a thing for me at the beginning of ’05)
Some awkward silence followed.
Weird? Like weird?’ I said holding my tongue, although I was starting to warm it up in case she maelstrom-ed on me.
Then the streetcar came.
‘Okay bye,’ she said as she tapped my shoulder. ‘Thanks for the day pass.’
Yes, I got I annoyed. So I said it like it is:
‘I see, this coming from a woman who married a Dominican after knowing him for less than two weeks at one-week intervals throughout the summer and is now trying to bring him to Canada under the pretence that he will love you forever? In case you are wondering, I am not the one importing a husband. So be careful who you call weird. Measure your words.’

She gave me a look that reeked to disdain as she left for her street car. Mmm, I doubt she will be calling anytime soon.

A Bruck-Zen Moment I

Stage: Octopus Lounge

‘So, you an owner?’
‘Yes, and I hate people too.’
Curiously, that was the last thing I thought an owner of a busy little Italy Lounge would say. But we live and learn.

Later, I would learn that he was the brother of one of the 3 owners of that establishment.

From the Archives II

(Notes at bottom).

The Date

The sweat on the small of his back gave it all away
The fulfilment from the date was surprising for a first
As it is hard to resist love on the first day of May
And a Spring which makes people for seduction lust and thirst

Regardless of age, from time to time one needs to do wild, crazy things
For unfulfilled passion can easily bore both, and the status quo
Thus one should eat to eat, drink-to-drink and sing-to-sing
Or risk becoming a restive fool, as your soul doesn’t know where else to grow

Her closed eyes and simper
Was a delight for him to watch!
As time no longer ruled his office
Surprisingly, he had hired his very match

The picture on his desk was neatly facing down
No need to execute the feeling
For morality was really, the last thing on their minds

As this night would not be forgotten
Come lovers! Break the chains and bind
For reality would have eventually caught you
…And as for the children? Their parents will soon take the stand

For his heavy gold wedding band
Given to prove to the Lord her undying love
Was nowhere near his hand
But on an inside jacket pocket on the floor

(Someone once asked me to write about one of the topics that I hate to think about. Well, the idea of cheating has always bothered me, because like anyone, I would never want to be on the receiving end, so I wrote this as an exercise, I think it came out okay).

Update: Rogers does it again!

After the media got a hold of it. The Mighty Ted Rogers realizing the client would not go away into that gentle goodnight and pay $12,000 — sorry, it was up to $14,000 acrued to the interest charges while the matter got resolved– AND allowed a mockery to be made of his cellular business has publicly announced the fee will be waived. *Poof,* just like that, like a magician would a quarter.

Oh, no. Ted now in full safe-face mode went a step further and asked her for tea and maybe a few crumpets, you know, to round it all off. TEA? After the fact that Rogers was about had denied all responsability and state that they would sue her? Under the grounds that she was responsible because someone broke into her home and stole her cell phone while on a trip abroad? Thank you Rogers for your samaritan bout of common sense. To bad it had to be preluded by the possibilty of loosing countless thousands in bad PR. Bruck.

On the same note, I would like to see, once the true story is out, for Bush to have some hot mocha with the thousand of Iraq people that had their homes bombed back to the stone age. Since he can’t have a drink with the thousands who died in his little feud for cheaper oil, but which true numbers have yet to be revealed to the American people.

Oh well, guess that will go on my wish list.