Month: March 2006

  • ZEN and Other Teachings

    1.) What is the sound of your head smashing into the ground? 2-) What is the name of the erotic screams you hear from outside your girlfriend’s apartment when surprise her by taking the afternoon off. 3-) A falling skyscraper is not best tool to be used as a sundial, especially if you are inside […]

  • New statistical report reveals: Valentine’s in not what is all cracked up to be!

    True Valentine Horror Stories: Now that Hallmark’s holiday has come and gone is time to call it what it is: To put it nicely –as this is quality, respectful publication— Valentine’s Day is far too glamorized. Not everything is roses and chocolates out there. Sometimes it’s a war zone where your heart is no man’s […]

  • Newsbriefs: Part IV

    Rogers Expands Rogers on Demand TORONTO- Rogers Communications ever-growing lust to build an imperious monopoly over Canadians announced today details about their upcoming second-generation Rogers On Demand service. ‘It funny how it came to us,’ said an unapologetic Ted Rogers, ‘(The board and) I sat in my arboretum, just beneath my own small ten foot […]

  • Newsbriefs: Part III

    Harper Uncanadian: He ‘Dislikes’ Hockey Reuters- A barrage of civil unrest has ran amok in Harper’s old riding of Calgary West after it was discovered that Harper ‘dislikes’ Hockey. The verbal travesty was presumably heard by Harper’s cousin’s best friend’s girlfriend at the annual Harper Kegger party held at Stephen’s hometown of Toronto. According to […]