Now Available: XP Power Toys!

Alright, this is not the average post and I am a bit of a computer geek, which is no surprise since I work in IT. Now, this post will probably not mean much to you unless you work on computers everyday. By ‘working with computers everyday,’ I do not mean creating just word files and spreadsheets. Not to say this post would not benefit those individuals.

Anyway, even if you know a bit about the Windows Power Toys line up you know is not something that you can use to impress the opposite sex with, however it can save time by making those little things you do with your computer everyday either easier or a less bit annoying.

For example:

Alt-Tab Replacement
With this PowerToy, in addition to seeing the icon of the application window you are switching to, you will also see a preview of the page. This helps particularly when multiple sessions of an application are open.


With new sources of files coming from every direction (such as digital cameras, e-mail, cell phones, portable media players, camcorders, PDAs, and laptops), SyncToy can help you copy, move, and synchronize different directories.

Now they are all free downloads, although some of them may ask you to prove that you have not have a pirat–, I mean ‘borrowed’ version of Ms-Windos. So without any further ado, you can check the complete list of power toys by clicking here.


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