Month: March 2009

  • Obama’s Lifts Stem Research Ban: Religious Right Applauds!

    San Francisco – In a bold move President Obama signed an executive order lifting the ban on stem research instituted back in 2001 by the Bush Administration. The order signed on March 9th is being hailed as ‘exciting news’ throughout the scientific community as it re-opens the path for possible cures for a myriad of […]

  • Editorial: About That Last Post

    NOTE: READ PREVIOUS POST FIRST. Stem Research, why are people okay with this? Perhaps in the end, perhaps people are tired of an old parable book telling me to throw sheep off a cliff to clean my sins. Wait that’s the old Testament. Okay, New Testament, because it says if someone smacks your cheek then […]

  • Hunting Through The Job-o-Sphere

    If you swing a cat down a street, chances are you will hit someone looking for a job or someone counting their lucky stars they have one. ‘It seems no one feels very safe at the moment,’ a friend warned. ‘You should feel lucky too.’ Apparently, one can’t switch on a TV without fear mongering […]