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Stem Research, why are people okay with this?

Perhaps in the end, perhaps people are tired of an old parable book telling me to throw sheep off a cliff to clean my sins. Wait that’s the old Testament. Okay, New Testament, because it says if someone smacks your cheek then that I should give him the other — good moral. What a great book! Wait, later it read that if someone hits your cheek to smack him back. Eye for an eye!

Are people tired of ancient bi-polarism trying to rule people’s daily lives?. The fact is that when it starts saving lives, Religion as a whole will probably just quietly accept it, as no one is disputing the earth is the center of the universe anymore.

Food for thought, technically, are you allow to ‘refuse’ treatment as the Bible says you cannot choose to take your own life which if you refuse treatment isn’t that like doing the same? Only God can do that, right?

Aha, Religion backpedals itself into vagueness yet again. People might be tired about that.
Also because religion per se has nothing to do with this topic, as there is no difference in between killing an embryo which would have been a life than a man masturbating, washing the sheet and killing millions of possible (half) humans. Harsh but a point to think about.

Either way, I am sure everyone is going to be waiting to see results.

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