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  • Dear TTC: Bus Stops. You Are Doing It Wrong

    Dear TTC: Bus Stops. You Are Doing It Wrong

    MOBILE EYE: Our Toronto Transit Commission At Work!! Taken on Sunday, May 5th. Bay and King Street. A bus, while trying to make a very wrong turn ended up getting stuck and holding up traffic. We never found the mysterious reason for the attempt. Only that it blocked traffic in both directions for about 10 […]

  • Yelp’s Oyster Night™

    Yelp’s Oyster Night™

    I have been a Yelp Elite for about 3 years and unlike Facebook and Twitter,  where most of people’s updates go straight into the ether where they disappear without any major payoff, being part of this social epicurean network will certainly be a breath of fresh air.  I am not undermining the power of Social […]

  • Yelping Elite

    One of the worst side effects of being stuck at home with a broken leg is that you are pretty much homebound. You can’t go anywhere, well you can although everything becomes a crazy obstacle course. Everything has to be planned well in advance. Stairs turn into major hazards. Streets are adventures to be crossed […]

  • Mad Man With A Camera: Whirlpool!

    Whirpool! a photo by Mauricio Alas. A few weeks ago, I decided to try something new. To begin a Photography Collection where I try to experiment both creatively outside of the scope of the camera, while at the same capturing that same ‘Eureka’ moment through my lenses. Thus expanding, exploring and dare I say it, […]