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Fightin' Stress -- Paint Through It!

Fightin’ Stress — Paint Through It!

Stress comes in many forms and sizes. It is part of life and for some out there it happens more often than with others. People handle it differently, depending on the subject in question. I once knew someone who lost their home, separated from their wife and got laid off work, all within the same month, sounds like the start of a feel-good movie, no? They went into a downward spiral which lasted years. A bit of self-destruction and self-pity never helps anyone. Couldn’t blame the man though. Although he finally snapped out of it, I will admit I did no approve of the way he handled it although he is doing better now. However, who am I to judge?

But as inspiration of his tale of woe, I decided to start painting as a way to get out of any gloom or glum that somehow manages to come my way. ‘I change is always good,’ I say; a change of perspective, a new beginning is something we all need from time to time. A start a new chapter of one’s life per se. So I thought of posting some of them in the upcoming posts.

So without any further ado, my first painting ever, ‘The Rabbit Hole.’ An excellent abstract work in which, if you observe, it perfectly juxtaposes man’s ever haunting need for existential relevance and me smearing globs that slimed off the paint lids onto canvas.

Seriously, I seen works like this at the AGO, so you just gotta love art’s crazy subjectivism. All I have to do now, is convince their board that it is worth $1359.99! And that I accept Visa and Mastercard.

Poetry Corner: Somnio, Spero, Victum!

Now, you are sleeping, so late at night
Eyes closed and lost in dreams
I think of you. In the frost of winter,
where nothing clear it seems
Yet, your lover thinks
That he does deem
Indeed, he is so lucky
To cherish you, my love, so he can you esteem
Hold close in thy arms
feel through the seems
The grains of passion
Too small to be seen, yet strong enough to hold
A love, sensible and tight.
We both know what it means
Yes, we are afraid. Yes, we are…
But we know is THERE.
We are afraid.
So afraid. To be hurt, yet again.
But it cannot be denied
What we feel should not be strained
Or be misguided. Why? Because it is wrong and safe?
Since it is easy, for what? To throw it all away?
Why? You know why? We done it both before
We are better than that now.
We are no longer stone.
We’ve grown, no longer alone
Whether through mistake or fault,
As we painters
Of life’s canvas
We color and shade
To be in love and behave, not to linger or just play
But for once, yes finally in life, to truly, in love to stay


Cuando las noches caen
El firmamento escapa
Entre las nubes, el vuela
Descubriendo su horizonte
Pintando las estrellas
Empujando los rayos anaranjados de nuestra realidad
Y regalandole a la luna, su amor, vuestra claridad
Que baile mas bello
Esta noche pasara
Que baile mas bello
Entre la luna y la ubscuridad
“Hermoso en puresa!
Por siempre durara”
Eso es lo dicen y eso es lo que se diran
Lastima, el sol nunca los dejara
Estrellas! Creaciones!
Su luz nos recuerdara
De esta mentira mas bella
Entre claridad, amor y obscuridad.