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  • Fightin’ Stress — Paint Through It!

    Fightin’ Stress — Paint Through It!

    Stress comes in many forms and sizes. It is part of life and for some out there it happens more often than with others. People handle it differently, depending on the subject in question. I once knew someone who lost their home, separated from their wife and got laid off work, all within the same […]

  • Poetry Corner: Somnio, Spero, Victum!

    Now, you are sleeping, so late at night   Eyes closed and lost in dreams I think of you. In the frost of winter, where nothing clear it seems   Yet, your lover thinks That he does deem Indeed, he is so lucky To cherish you, my love, so he can you esteem   Hold […]

  • Danza

    Cuando las noches caen El firmamento escapa Entre las nubes, el vuela Descubriendo su horizonte Pintando las estrellas   Empujando los rayos anaranjados de nuestra realidad Y regalandole a la luna, su amor, vuestra claridad   Que baile mas bello Esta noche pasara Que baile mas bello Entre la luna y la ubscuridad   “Hermoso […]