Category: The Portofolio

  • Midnight Conversations

    Midnight Conversations a photo by Mauricio Alas. Venice is an astounding city. Every nook and cranny is full history; everywhere you look, beautiful architecture and art abounds. Yet with a romantic pedigree that could easily find a home nested somewhere within the pages of the Iliad. On top of that, the city is sinking! With […]

  • Stoneman Readies

    Stoneman Readies a photo by Mauricio Alas. A few months ago, I had a surgery looming and was looking at going to have to stay put for a few weeks. Even though the procedure was far from lethal (that I was told of) it is always a pain when you have your freedom of mobility […]

  • Red & Misguided

    Red & Misguided a photo by Mauricio Alas. A larger version can be seen on Flickr. As part of my first set of classes teaching photography, I took my small class through a quick tour of the inner city. Hoping the vibrant urban quality of Kensington Market and a few graffiti laden back-alleys to serve as […]

  • Mayday, Incoming Puppy Landing!

    Mayday, Incoming Puppy Landing! a photo by The Torontonian on Flickr. On a rainy day, as I stood outside my sister’s house, “Terry” her hyperactive dog, decided on a whim that he was going to be a furry rocket running literal circles in her yard. Amusing? No, not really. Cute? Well, perhaps. After a few […]