Category: The Portofolio

  • Fly Skies

    Fly Skies a photo by Mauricio Alas. My birthday was a few weeks ago and it was great! Although very low-key. Had a BBQ with lots of friends and lots and lots of food. Also, at the same time, I found myself remembering what my friends had done for me last year. You see, they […]

  • Fluffy Bee

    A while ago, I wanted to play with some macro photography. However instead of my usual kit, I was only carrying a simple Canon point and shot camera, which actually had a pretty good Macro option set. So I decided to give it test. I found myself walking randomly north of St. Clair, east of […]

  • Toy Venice Tranquility, After The Rain

    Toy Venice Tranquility, After The Rain a photo by The Torontonian on Flickr. While returning from Punta della Dogana, walking east on the Fondamenta delle Zattere, one could not escape the desolation of the empty Venetian canals. Eventually however, next to Calle dello Squaro, the above scene presented itself to me. It very much reflected […]

  • Il Redentore

    Il Redentore a photo by The Torontonian on Flickr. So, while walking in Venice; one of my main goals was not to only explore the city as much as I could BUT to visit the less explored nooks and corners… well… as much as the limited time there would allow. Plus if at all possible […]