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  • A Bruck-Zen Moment II

    Stage: College subway station about a block from my place, catching up with a friend while she waited for a Streetcar. I had not seen in her for a few months but I had just given her my still valid TTC day pass. ‘…And that’s what the note said in the book I went to […]

  • A Bruck-Zen Moment I

    Stage: Octopus Lounge ‘So, you an owner?’ ‘Yes, and I hate people too.’ Curiously, that was the last thing I thought an owner of a busy little Italy Lounge would say. But we live and learn. Later, I would learn that he was the brother of one of the 3 owners of that establishment.

  • Yes, yes…I know.

    For those whow know me. I know what you are going to say… “What the #$%#$^&^% have been for the last 6 months?” Well, I have no excuse really. All I can say that a lot has happened since then. No, I am not married, or become a republican or expecting some bastard child. No, […]