RBC: History In The Making! Or Just What I Keep Telling Myself (I)

Sometimes I am glad that I do not have a huge readership. Mostly friends, and friends of friends; and on those rare occasions, friends of friends of friends…Uh, okay, perhaps it is not that small. Okay, anyway, so as far as blogging things of interest, I wanted to announce that as of last week, I have been part of the RBC Peon Club (RPC) for exactly seven years. Forget the exact date, perhaps the 13th, but ultimately it is amazing how times zooms, flies, explodes in your face like that.

Yes, who would have known that one morning’s self-inquiry, probably based on too much coffee about the possibility of working in IT would tsunami upon 7 years of my life? That’s the way the cookie crumbles I guess.

As such I am looking for other alternatives, not because I hate my job. I actually enjoy being a wing nut in RBC’s IT geek machine. However, my health has not been the best for a while and the thought has cross me that perhaps a change would prove beneficial. Do something more creative, more laissez-faire, more freedom: So most likely a pay cut.

Of course I have no one to point a finger at except myself. ‘Your career is always in your hands,’ says any XYZ Corporation. So it is of no shock RBC would say the same. Sure they hired me in a field I did not go to school for; sure they threw a bunch of money at me and promoted me to the same management level as a branch manager within a year. But I think it is time that I start thinking about myself. Not just because it is in my best interest but in theirs are well. Wow, I AM a swell guy. Call me Mr. Altruistic.

And I think everyone owes it to themselves to be as altruistic as me. It seems that I keep on meeting people who are sticking around their jobs not because they enjoy it (cheers to those of you who do) but because of their pay (read: it’s safe), stock options or benefits. I mean, why? Is that the price of doing things we rather not be doing?

Or is it something more? Like: FEAR? It is no secret most people are afraid of the unknown and throwing themselves in the wind in the hopes of facing in the right direction can be nerve wracking. But what better way to incite change than impending doom?

Some would say ‘Hey, take that bitch up and use it.’ Okay maybe not in those exact words, however the point is there for anyone to take, make it your own and run with it to the nearest paid-by-the-hour motel.

As such, I am currently working in making sure that I do not hit an eight-year anniversary, not because I want to leave the bank, oh no, but because I am just an altruistic type of guy.

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  1. zombiehellmonkey says:

    Hey, life is too short for wondering, ‘what if?…’

    The people who are the most contented, are the ones who had the courage to take the initial steps towards a career change.

    You don’t want to have it on your conscience that fear bullied you into a ‘safe’ and unexciting life; right?

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