Portal: The next generation in gaming.

This is not the usual type of post I do, however I had to share what I found. Just released, Prey (pictured right) is a game that innovates the FPS with the ideas of portals. Yes, those holes in reality that if walked into take you to a different place altogher.
They are just there for the foolish to walk in.

HOwever, below is the is the first look at Valve’s new game, called Portal which redefines that whole idea. For those who are reading this and going, ‘who the hell is Valve?’ They are the materminds of a small game called HalfLife. Now for those who are now reading this and saying what the hell is HalfLife?’ I would say, HalfLife is as it stands one of the most sold games in the history of gaming with sales in the millions. Also it was a revolutionary game in the areas of playability, graphics, and story telling. Making you the player feel like if you were living your own thriller\action movie.

Event the way the game starts would not be out of place in movie, but unlike most blockbusters the plot is actually rather engaging. Either way a gamer’s geek delight.

Anyway, this is their new game, called Portal. I would like to tel you what it is about, but nothing, and I mean nothing beats just wathing the demo: HERE.

Even if you are not into video games –which I am not– you will still find it very interesting. Even if it is at how amazing computers have come from the days of Pong and Pacman.

Just click on play button below to see the demo.

Oh, and as desert, watch this stop-motion photography rendition of some ancient games. Now done with REAL humans! Thanks to some bored students in Switzerland.

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