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  • Use your Sleeve! You Pig.

    Derelict Citizens: Use your sleeve! The City of Toronto and the Toronto Transit Commission jointly released an ad campaign on Nov 9th throughout TTC stations reminding commuters to use their freshly washed garments as stopgaps for bacteria which literally already live in every cubic meter of air we breath. Including inside subway cars, by the […]

  • My Apartment: Recognized As A Nation

    Hell, if Quebec can do it why not ME? If Canada recognizes Quebec as a nation (If you do not know what I am talking about, click here to read) So uh-hum. Without any further ado… I HAVE DRAWN A LINE IN THE SAND, OH CANADA. Little did I know all had to do is […]

  • My Rat Memoir: The End Of A Legacy

    Oh Cordelia, who knew when you first came to me, you rodent you, with your scaly tail and wildly flaring nostrils would so easily find a welcome place in my home? After all, who among us does not have chilling Black Death et al flashbacks when thinking of rats? Sure, they may have ‘helped’ spread […]

  • Now Available: XP Power Toys!

    Alright, this is not the average post and I am a bit of a computer geek, which is no surprise since I work in IT. Now, this post will probably not mean much to you unless you work on computers everyday. By ‘working with computers everyday,’ I do not mean creating just word files and […]