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  • The Happy Hormone Presents — How To Be An Internet Playa!

    Aren’t you tired of the dating scene? Where the good looking horde all the attention? Flashing their dimples and smothering everyone with their blasted Darwinian advantage? Well, it was only a matter of time before technology and the human mating dance met face to face, went out for a few drinks and ended up in […]

  • NewsBrief Part XI: Harvard Student Plays Russian Roulette with Semi-Automatic. Dies.

    BOSTON – It was a shock to both faculty and the student body when a suspected murder case on campus was discovered to be nothing more than the self terminating, fool-hardly attempts of a law school undergraduate Michael Sanders out to prove he was still the ‘big man on campus.’ According to witnesses, on Saturday […]

  • I see music everywhere! Mp3 players that Is!

    Best Buy opened a huge location five minutes away from my place. So I decided to go for a small stroll and browse through the wares my big blue and yellow neighbour had to offer. Especially since there is a three story Future Shop –which was acquired by Best Buy in 2001 for a thrifty […]

  • Conversation at Kalendar: We are not on a Schedule

    While sitting at a small two-seat table at Kalendar –a charming café on the outer east limit of little Italy—a friend of mine asked me a very interesting question regarding relationships. ‘Mauricio,’ she said after placing her glass of cold Summer enhanced Chardonnay back on the table. ‘Has anyone ever told you are handsome?’ Without […]