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  • Dear TTC: Bus Stops. You Are Doing It Wrong

    Dear TTC: Bus Stops. You Are Doing It Wrong

    MOBILE EYE: Our Toronto Transit Commission At Work!! Taken on Sunday, May 5th. Bay and King Street. A bus, while trying to make a very wrong turn ended up getting stuck and holding up traffic. We never found the mysterious reason for the attempt. Only that it blocked traffic in both directions for about 10 […]

  • Yelp’s Oyster Night™

    Yelp’s Oyster Night™

    I have been a Yelp Elite for about 3 years and unlike Facebook and Twitter,  where most of people’s updates go straight into the ether where they disappear without any major payoff, being part of this social epicurean network will certainly be a breath of fresh air.  I am not undermining the power of Social […]

  • Legs, Schools & Other Broken Things (Part I)

    Legs, Schools & Other Broken Things (Part I)

    After months of absence… many, many months… finally, my first post of 2013. There is no real excuse, although in my defense… there were a lot of ups and downs and a major website resign which I can proudly say that I am proud of, although it took me a while to do. The truth […]

  • What’s Trending Today – Girls Set Up Illegal Lemonade Stand

    Trending Today On The Web – Yup, just like you see it. Three little girls setup the proverbial lemonade stand, the go-to-business kids have been doing for generations in order to raise money, in this case, to go to the local water park. But when the long-arm of the law noticed, it came down hard […]

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