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  • Projecto Italia: A Photography Reception

    Projecto Italia: A Photography Reception

    One of the most interesting, rewarding things an artist can ever do is to display his or her work. Of course, nothing but I mean nothing will ever take away from the cheer act of creating. It is after all the very drive of creating what makes us do what we do. However being able […]

  • A Bulb

    A Bulb a photo by The Torontonian on Flickr. A relaxing Sunday walk through Toronto’s parks can yield awesome photography. Running dogs, scared wildlife, refreshingly luscious & large botany. At the same time, a tiny little bulb. Stretching into the sky, just waiting for more sun to bloom, can give tell a story all its […]

  • Mad Man With A Camera: ‘Tis Rainin’ Drops

    ‘Tis Rainin’ Drops a photo by Mauricio Alas. Sometimes, a shot, an idea comes to you just like that. Something occurs in front of your lenses, simply screaming to be captured. Will it come out right? Will it blow your mind once you see it on print? Many times, you already know even before you […]

  • A Birthday Gift Story (First Useful Painting)

    Rewind to a few years ago… Okay. So while sipping green tea in my lonely apartment, a friend of mine rang me out of the blue and asked ‘So, what are you bringing to the birthday party?’ Surprised by such forwardness, I answered the only way I could, with a heartfelt, ‘Who the hell is […]